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MobileMan USA is a Brooklyn, NY-based company that’s redefining wearable technology and the way people listen to music. A passion for fashion and music is what led us to create our first product—a breakthrough in wearable technology: the MobileMan S1. Our mission is to deliver an incredible wearable audio experience to a community of people who are both fitness-conscious and style conscious. MobileMan’s products exist at the intersection of wearables and activewear. And since there is nothing like MobileMan in the marketplace, that's an intersection we've got all to ourselves!

About Our Products

MobileMan’s S1 line is a collection of wearable speakers that are the perfect complement to an active lifestyle. They are high-quality, comfortable, weatherproof, hands-free, ears-free and durable. They allow the wearer a full range of motion and the ability to maintain complete awareness of his or her surroundings while participating in nearly any activity.

The S1 line is available in two models—the S1 Premium and the S1 Sport. Both feature two Bluetooth® stereo speakers, reflective panels for nighttime use, a flexible utility pocket and weigh under 200 grams (7 ounces). The S1 Sport model is made from a combination of lycra and neoprene, and the S1 Premium is made from synthetic leather. All units have adjustable straps for a secure, comfortable fit and are produced in multiple colors (red, blue, and black).


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